The New Way to Manage Documents & Communication

Enhance the customer and employee journey by prioritizing, collaborating on, and tracking document tasks and workflows.



Gathering or Exchanging Information with Prospects, Clients and Employees is Riddled with Challenges

The average person receives hundreds of emails, texts and calls every week—it’s no wonder communication and data sharing is fragmented. In a maze of information, details get left behind, documents are missed, and frustrations grow.



Make Every Client and Employee Touchpoint Effective and Efficient with DocLaunch

From document storage and e-signatures to communications and workflows, our document management and client engagement platform ensures you’ll have total control.



Visualize Your Process


Organize DocPacks and activities to keep tabs on progress

  • Take a glimpse at which DocPacks have been opened, are in progress or complete

  • Get a comprehensive look at who is available via chat and proactively reach out

  • See a holistic picture of your activities—what’s been sent and to who


Bring It All Together


Everything your clients need to view, complete, sign or pay all in one place

  • Simplify complete document workflows by bundling client documents

  • Eliminate repeat questions or confusion by answering questions via live chat

  • See real-time statuses on whether a document has been completed


Get It On-the-Go


Have instant access to what you need, when you need right from your phone

  • Be at your clients’ fingertips via chat on mobile

  • Simplify the process by letting clients complete workflows right from their phone

  • Let clients get from point A to point B with mobile e-signatures and payments



Your Client and Employee Interactions All in One Place

Our goal, and yours, in business is to create an exceptional client experience. From the moment they become a client to critical service points to a renewal period—all of these unique touchpoints are valuable to building a positive relationship. And usually these touchpoints involve transferring of data, sharing of documents as well as gathering of signatures and even payments. This process can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be.  Spend less time writing emails, sending texts, and making calls just to gather or exchange important information and more time focusing on the client experience itself.

DocLaunch streamlines all your communication and engagement in one cohesive platform.


Discover DocLaunch

Start having outstanding customer experiences through one cohesive system.