Launch Coin

Token generating event

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DocLaunch is one of the world's first enterprise-level software solutions that integrates blockchain and distributed ledger technology outside of the crypto currency space. We are creating a blockchain ecosystem that impacts individuals and businesses daily. 

Launch Coin is the token that fuels the expansive growth of the DocLaunch network.  By purchasing one or multiple tokens you will be given a DocLaunch Wallet.  The DocLaunch Wallet is a mobile app that allows you to manage, store, edit, sign and distribute all of your important personal and business documents.  Owning a DocLaunch Wallet gives you access to out blockchain technology providing you with smart contract capability and a digital identity. By purchasing a token you are helping the blockchain and DocLaunch community grow.   

Only 20,000,000 Launch Coins have been created and they can be purchased for $1.00 each during our token generating event.  

Launch Coin is not a currency or a security. We encourage you to perform due diligence when purchasing any non traditional currency. Please visit (SEC Link Here).

Purchase of Launch Coins gets you:

- DocLaunch Wallet

- Access to our blockchain technology

- Smart contract capability

- Secure digital identity

Thank you for supporting the DocLaunch and blockchain community.