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A new world in workflow and document management software that ensures maximum ROI

Is your company living in an old world, sending and collecting documents via email or a shared drive? Why is your organization holding onto these traditional, monotonous and unsecure methods?  

When you send documents via an outdated method you can’t track it and you have no idea if your customer is making progress on getting you what you need. You are forced to settle with waiting blindly.  If you need your customer to send you or sign multiple documents this complicates the processes even further. They may send one document back on Monday, 2 more back on Wednesday, and another back the following week. This is completely inefficient and you are left in the dark wondering and waiting with little control.

If your company is living in this old world your day-to-day workflow is crippled, your productivity is minimized and your frustrations are probably pretty intense.  This is not your fault. The world has changed but your organization is using 25-year-old outdated technology.

Now, imagine a new world that is clear and bright, where you have total control of your workflow. You have the ability see your customers’ progress in real-time. You know what they have completed and what they still need to work on.  You can communicate and track progress with ease. The flow between you and your customer is transparent, maximizing your efficiency.

DocLaunch has created this new world for you. The most advanced and secure workflow and documentation management system for you and your company is now available. Navigate your job with ease, reduce the headaches, and maximize your ROI.

Realized benefits for your company

+ Reduced costs through increased efficiencies

+ Technology-driven experience for your customers

+ Fully customizable functionality

+ Increased security

+ Integrated Blockchain technology

+ Support from our team


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